Manage the configuration of Advanced Queuing asynchronous notification by email and HTTP.


SET_MAILHOST  Set the host name for SMTP server. 
GET_MAILHOST  Get the host name for SMTP server. 
SET_MAILPORT  Set the port number for SMTP server. 
GET_MAILPORT  Get the port number for SMTP server. 

SET_SENDFROM  Set the sent-from e-mail address. 
GET_SENDFROM  Get the sent-from e-mail address. 

SET_PROXY     Set the proxy server name to be used for requests
              of HTTP protocol, excluding requests for hosts that
              belong to the domain specified in no_proxy_domains. 

GET_PROXY     Get the proxy server name and no_proxy_domains
              set by DBMS_AQELM.SET_PROXY for HTTP notifications.

For full documentation of the packaged procedures above see the Oracle Manual:
"Oracle9i Supplied PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference"

or the book Oracle Built in Packages by Steven Feuerstein et al

Also see: Oracle9i Application Developer's Guide - Advanced Queuing
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