Operate on BLOBs, CLOBs, NCLOBs, BFILEs, and temporary LOBs.


APPEND  Append the contents of the source LOB to the destination LOB. 

CLOSE   Close a previously opened internal or external LOB. 

COMPARE Function 
        Compare two entire LOBs or parts of two LOBs. 

COPY    Copy all, or part, of the source LOB to the destination LOB. 

CREATETEMPORARY Create a temporary BLOB or CLOB and its corresponding index. 

ERASE   Erase all or part of a LOB. 

FILECLOSE Close the file. 

FILECLOSEALL Close all previously opened files. 

           Check if the file exists on the server. 

FILEGETNAME Get the directory alias and file name. 

           Check if the file was opened using the input BFILE locators. 

FILEOPEN   Open a file. 

FREETEMPORARY Free the temporary BLOB or CLOB in the user's default temporary tablespace. 

             Return the amount of space used in the LOB chunk to store the LOB value. 

             Get the length of the LOB value. 

INSTR Function 
             Return the matching position of the nth occurrence of the pattern in the LOB. 

ISOPEN Function 
             Check to see if the LOB was already opened using the input locator. 

             Check if the locator is pointing to a temporary LOB. 

LOADFROMFILE Load BFILE data into an internal LOB. 

OPEN         Opens a LOB (internal, external, or temporary) in the indicated mode. 

READ         Read data from the LOB starting at the specified offset. 

SUBSTR Function 
             Return part of the LOB value starting at the specified offset. 

TRIM         Trims the LOB value to the specified shorter length. 

WRITE        Write data to the LOB from a specified offset. 

WRITEAPPEND  Write a buffer to the end of a LOB. 

For full documentation of the packaged procedures above see the Oracle Manual:
"Oracle9i Supplied PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference"

or the book Oracle Built in Packages by Steven Feuerstein et al
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