Manage stored outlines. Synonymous with OUTLN_PKG


DROP_BY_CAT        Drop outlines that belong to a specified category. 

DROP_COLLISION     Drop an outline with an ol$.hintcount value that
                   does not match the number of hints for that outline in ol$hints. 

DROP_EXTRAS        Clean up after an import by dropping extra hint tuples
                   not accounted for by hintcount.  

DROP_UNREFD_HINTS  Drop hint tuples that have no corresponding outline in
                   the OL$ table. 

DROP_BY_CAT        Drop outlines that have never been applied in the
                   compilation of an SQL statement.  

UPDATE_BY_CAT      Change the category of an outline. 

GENERATE_SIGNATURE Generate a signature for the specified SQL text.  

For full documentation of the packaged procedures above see the Oracle Manual:
"Oracle9i Supplied PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference"

or the book Oracle Built in Packages by Steven Feuerstein et al
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 DBA_OUTLINES                              USER_OUTLINES 
 DBA_OUTLINE_HINTS                         USER_OUTLINE_HINTS 

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