Manipulate locally managed tablespaces.


SEGMENT_VERIFY       Verify the consistency of the extent map of the segment. 

SEGMENT_CORRUPT      Mark the segment corrupt or valid so that
                     appropriate error recovery can be done. 

SEGMENT_DROP_CORRUPT Drop a segment currently marked corrupt
                     (without reclaiming space). 

SEGMENT_DUMP         Dump the segment header and extent map(s) of a given segment. 

TABLESPACE_VERIFY    Verify that the bitmaps and extent maps for the segments
                     in the tablespace are in sync. 

TABLESPACE_FIX_BITMAPS Mark the appropriate DBA range (extent) as free or
                       used in bitmap. 

TABLESPACE_REBUILD_BITMAPS Rebuild the appropriate bitmap(s). 

TABLESPACE_REBUILD_QUOTAS Rebuild quotas for given tablespace. 

TABLESPACE_MIGRATE_FROM_LOCAL Migrate a locally-managed tablespace to
                              dictionary-managed tablespace. 

TABLESPACE_MIGRATE_TO_LOCAL   Migrate a tablespace from dictionary managed format
                              to locally managed format.  

TABLESPACE_RELOCATE_BITMAPS   Relocate the bitmaps to the destination specified. 

TABLESPACE_FIX_SEGMENT_STATES Fix the state of the segments in a tablespace
                              in which migration was aborted.  

For full documentation of the packaged procedures above see the Oracle Manual:
"Oracle9i Supplied PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference"

or the book Oracle Built in Packages by Steven Feuerstein et al

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