XML to database-type functionality.


newContext Function
              Create a save context and return the context handle. 

closeContext  Close or de-allocate a particular save context. 

setRowTag     Name the tag used in the XML document to enclose the XML elements
              corresponding to database records 


setDateFormat Describes to the XSU the format of the dates in the XML document. 

setBatchSize  Change the batch size used during DML operations. 

              Set the commit batch size. 

              Add a column to the update column list. 

             Clears the update column list. 

             Add a column to the key column list. 

             Clear the key column list. 

insertXML Function
             Insert the XML document into the table specified at the
             context creation time.   

updateXML Function
             Update the table specified at the context creation time
             with data from the XML document.  

deleteXML Function
             Delete records specified by data from the XML document,
             from the table specified at the context creation time. 

For full documentation of the packaged procedures above see the Oracle Manual:
"Oracle9i Supplied PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference"

or the book Oracle Built in Packages by Steven Feuerstein et al

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