Apple macOS Syntax

  Arguments      Shell parameters
  Variables      Local and Environment variables
  List of Environment variables
  List of Special bash shell variables
  Array Variables

  functions      Define Function Macros
  Redirection    Redirect output from one command as input for another

Looping constructs:

  if      Conditionally perform a command
  for     Expand words, and execute commands
  while   Execute commands
  The break and continue builtins may be used to control loop execution.

Evaluating expressions:

  Arithmetic expressions
  Using brackets to Group and expand expressions
  Logical, arithmetical and comparison operators
  Conditional execution command-A AND/OR command-B
  Comparison Operators exists, greater than, equal to
  Shell expansion
  Escape Characters, delimiters and Quotes
  File operators -f
  Command Substitution
  Wildcards Pattern matching

Working with the bash Shell:

  Run a bash shell script
  Prompt Statement variables
  Bash startup files bashrc
  Here documents and Here Strings
  strftime Date and time string formats

General macOS

  Keyboard Shortcuts - bash Terminal 
  Keyboard Shortcuts - macOS
  Key Bindings
  Create a bootable OS X drive
  Defaults - A list of macOS preferences
  macOS Root user - How to Enable/Disable
  macOS Filesystem hierarchy
  Background Processes (Westwind)
  Valid Filenames in macOS

For examples of all the above see macOS books

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