SS64 Password Generator (10 character version)

Main password



This is the original 10 character version of the SS64 password generator.

Although 10 mixed characters/symbols are just enough to be secure it is likely than within the next few years 10 digits will become crackable in a number of hours, I therefore recommend moving over to the 15 or 20 character versions.

All the major websites now support at least 15 character passwords.


This password generator works using Javascript, entirely within the page, no data is ever passed back to my server. Notwithstanding this, it is a very good idea to save your own copy of this page. Zip file here. Keeping your own copy ensures that the password generator will still be available to you even if this website goes off-line. You can also View-Source and see exactly how the javascript works, copy it to a USB stick, email it to yourself, even upload it to your own website (it’s open source.) There are no dependent files, just save as a single HTML file.


This page is based on (and is compatible with) Nic Wolff’s password generator it uses the same JavaScript implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm, (SHA-1, ©Paul Johnston, distributed under the BSD License.)   Add the iPhone version to your home screen (by Karim Cassam Chenaï@weedo.)

Simon Sheppard, June 2020