SS64 Password Generator (15 character version)

Main password


12345 67890 12345

Using the same password for multiple email, shopping and social networking websites is risky, it means that a security breach at one website will compromise all your accounts, possibly even leading to identity theft.

So, the idea is that you memorise just one, reasonably long (at least 10 characters), secure main password and use that to generate a set of non-dictionary passwords. Copy and paste the new password(s) into the website and set your web browser to remember them.

All the websites get different passwords, but you only have to remember one!

Using a different PC? you can re-generate the same set of passwords at any time by returning to this page and entering the same main password.

This password generator works using Javascript, entirely within the page, no data is ever passed back to my server. Notwithstanding this, it is a very good idea to save your own copy of this page. Zip file here. Keeping your own copy ensures that the password generator will still be available to you even if this website goes off-line. You can also View-Source and see exactly how the javascript works, copy it to a USB stick, email it to yourself, even upload it to your own website (it’s open source.) There are no dependent files, just save as a single HTML file.

Command-line version
Password security - a comparison of Password Generators

Credits: JavaScript implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm, (SHA-256, ©Paul Johnston, distributed under the BSD License.) Inspired by Nic Wolff’s password generator Mobile version by Jay van hutten

Simon Sheppard, May 2024