BITS PowerShell cmdlets (iis)

The Background Intelligent Transfer Service can be used to transfer large files from remote hosts. BITS supports throttled and asynchronous transfer of files between machines using idle network bandwidth.

  Add-BitsFile            Add one or more files to a BITS transfer.
  Complete-BitsTransfer   Complete a BITS transfer.
  Get-BitsTransfer        Get a single or multiple BITS transfer.
  Remove-BitsTransfer     Delete a BITS transfer.
  Resume-BitsTransfer     Resume a suspended BITS transfer.
  Set-BitsTransfer        Configure BITS transfer jobs.
  Start-BitsTransfer      Create and start a BITS transfer job.
  Suspend-BitsTransfer    Suspend a BITS transfer job.

This service is used by Windows Update, SUS, SMS and many third party packages such as Google gears and AppSense.

The BITS server extension may be installed on IIS 7.0 (Windows Server 2008)
Add/Remove Windows Components ➞ Application Server ➞ Details ➞ IIS ➞ BITS Server Extensions
Then configure an IIS virtual directory.

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Test-Path - Return true if a path exists.
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