Create a checkpoint of the IntelliTrace file for an Internet Information Services (IIS) web application.

      Checkpoint-WebApplicationMonitoring [-Name] String
         [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [CommonParameters]

   -Name String
       The name of the web application for which to create a checkpoint.
       This name is listed in IIS Manager.
       Valid values for this parameter are:
         -- A web application name.
            Must be specified as  website name/web application name
            For example, "Default Web Site/WebApp1".
         -- An IIS path. For example, "IIS:\sites\Default Web Site\WebApp1".

       Prompt for confirmation before executing the command.

       Describe what would happen if you executed the command, without actually executing the command.

Creates a Visual Studio IntelliTrace file without stopping application monitoring.
The IntelliTrace file is created in the output path that you specify in the Start-WebApplicationMonitoring cmdlet.


Create a checkpoint:

PS C:\> Checkpoint-WebApplicationMonitoring -Name "Default Web Site/WebApp1"

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