Delete entries from the command history (the commands entered during the current session). Without parameters, Clear-History will delete all commands from the session history.

      Clear-History [[-Id] Int32[]] [[-Count] int] [-Newest]
         [-Confirm] [-WhatIf]  [CommonParameters]

      Clear-History [[-Count] int] [-CommandLine string[]] [-Newest]
         [-Confirm] [-WhatIf]  [CommonParameters]

   -CommandLine string[]
Delete commands matching string. If you enter more than one string, Clear-History will delete commands matching any of the strings.

-Count int
Clear int number of history entries, beginning with the oldest entry in the history.
If -Id Int32 is given in the same command, Clear-History will begin at Int32.
-Id Int32[]
Delete commands with the specified history ID(s).
To find the history ID of a command, use Get-History.

Delete the newest entries in the history.
By default, Clear-History will delete the oldest entries in history. -confirm Prompt for confirmation before executing the command. -whatIf Describe the command without actually executing it.

Standard Aliases for Clear-History: clhy

The ComputerName may be a NetBIOS name, an Internet Protocol (IP) address, or a fully qualified domain name. To specify the local computer, type the computer name, a dot (.), or "localhost". -ComputerName does not rely on Windows PowerShell remoting.


Delete all commands from the session history:

PS C:\> clear-history

Delete the last 10 commands from history:

PS C:\> clear-history -count 10 -newest

Delete commands with history IDs 10 and 64:

PS C:\> clear-history -id 10, 64

Delete commands that include "DEL" or end in "SS64"

PS C:\> clear-history -command *DEL*, *SS64

Delete 40 items from history, from id=50 to id=11 inclusive, keeping the most recent 10:

PS C:\> clear-history -id 50 -count 40

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Get-History - Get a listing of the session history.

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