Convert a path from a Windows PowerShell path to a Windows PowerShell provider path.

      Convert-Path [-path] string[] [-UseTransaction] [CommonParameters]

      Convert-Path [-literalPath] string[] [-UseTransaction] [CommonParameters]

   -Path path      The path to be converted

   -literalPath string
       The path to be converted. The value of -LiteralPath is used exactly
       as typed. No characters are interpreted as wildcards.
       If the path includes escape characters, enclose them in single quotes. 

       Include the command in the active transaction.

Standard Aliases for Convert-Path: cvpa


Expand the current working directory, which is represented by a dot:

PS C:\> convert-path .

Expand the current users home directory and convert to upper case:

PS C:\> (convert-path ~).toUpper()

Convert a PowerShell provider path to a standard registry path:

PS C:\> convert-path HKLM:\software\microsoft

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