Convert an object to a JSON-formatted string.

      ConvertTo-Json [-InputObject] Object
         [-Compress] [-Depth Int32] [CommonParameters]

   -InputObject Object
       The objects to convert to JSON format. Enter a variable that contains the objects, or type a command 
       or expression that gets the objects. You can also pipe an object to ConvertTo-Json.

       The InputObject parameter is required, but its value can be null ($Null) or an empty string.
       When the input object is $Null, ConvertTo-Json does not generate any output.
       When the input object is an empty string, ConvertTo-Json returns an empty string.

       Omit white space and indented formatting in the output string.
   -Depth Int32
       How many levels of contained objects are included in the JSON representation.
       The default value is 2.

Standard Aliases for ConvertTo-Json: none, but if you want to add a short alias like ctjn, set it with set-alias

This cmdlet was introduced in Windows PowerShell 3.0.


Convert a GregorianCalendar Calendar object to a JSON string:

PS C:\> (Get-UICulture).Calendar | ConvertTo-Json
        "MinSupportedDateTime":  "\/Date(-62135568000000)\/", 
        "MaxSupportedDateTime":  "\/Date(253402300799999)\/", 
        "AlgorithmType":  1, 
        "CalendarType":  1, 
        "Eras":  [
        "TwoDigitYearMax":  2029, 
        "IsReadOnly":  false

Show the effect of using the -Compress parameter of ConvertTo-Json. The compression affects only the appearance of the string, not its validity:

PS C:\> @{Account="User64";Domain="ss64dom";Admin="True"} | ConvertTo-Json -Compress {"Admin":"True","Account":"User64","Domain":"ss64dom"}

Convert a date object to a JSON string and then into a JSON object:

PS C:\> Get-Date | Select-Object -Property * | ConvertTo-Json
PS C:\> Get-Date | Select-Object -Property * | ConvertTo-Json | ConvertFrom-Json

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