Disconnect the client from the WinRM service on a remote computer.

      Disconnect-WSMan [-ComputerName string] [CommonParameters]

   -ComputerName string
       The computer from which you want to disconnect.
       A fully qualified domain name, a Net BIOS name, or an IP address.
       Use the local computer name, localhost, or a dot (.) to specify the local computer.

       The local computer is the default. When the remote computer is in a different domain,
       use a fully qualified domain name. You can pipe a value for ComputerName. 

       Note: You cannot disconnect from the local host, however, if a separate connection
       is made to the local computer (for example, by using the computer name), you can remove
       that connection with Disconnect-WSMan.

If you saved the WS-Management session in a variable, the session object remains in the variable, but the state of the WS-Management session is "Closed".


Delete the connection to the remote server64 computer:

PS C:\> Disconnect-WSMan -computer server64

“All the disconnected people I know are trying to be something they are not, to do something they cannot do” ~ David Gayson

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