Run a command block based on the results of a conditional test.

      [:Loop_label] Do
      } while (condition)


      [:Loop_label] Do
      } until (condition)


   condition      If this evaluates to TRUE the loop {command_block} runs.
                  when the loop has run once the condition is evaluated again

   command_block  Commands, separated by commas, to run each time the loop repeats.

   :Loop_label    An optional label than can be used to break or continue.

As long as the condition is met, PowerShell will continue to rerun the {command_block} section unless interrupted by a break or continue statement.


Count to 10:

 PS> Do { $val++ ; Write-Host $val } while($val -ne 10) 

You can use carriage returns instead of semi-colons:

 PS> Do { $val++ 
          Write-Host $val
        } while($val -ne 10) 

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