Run a command block based on a conditional test.

      for (init; condition; repeat) 


   init      Commands, separated by commas, to run before the loop begins.
             Typically used to initialize a variable with a starting value.

   condition If this evaluates to TRUE the for loop {command_block} runs
             when the loop has run once the condition is evaluated again

   repeat    Commands, separated by commas, to run each time the loop repeats.

A typical use of the for loop is to operate on a subset of the values in an array.
In most cases, if you want to iterate all values in an array, consider using a foreach statement.


Count to 10:

 PS> for($i=1; $i -le 10; $i++){Write-Host $i}

You can use carriage returns instead of semi-colons:

 PS> for($i=1
     $i -le 10
       Write-Host $i

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