Get the signature object associated with a file, if the file is not signed, then blank fields will be retrieved.

      Get-AuthenticodeSignature [-filePath] string[] [CommonParameters]

   -filePath path
      The path to the item {may be piped}


Get information about the Authenticode signature in NewScript.ps1:

PS C:\> get-AuthenticodeSignature -filepath C:\NewScript.ps1

Get information about the Authenticode signature for two files:

PS C:\> get-AuthenticodeSignature C:\NewScript.ps1 E:\OtherScript.ps1

“It's the Real Thing” - Coca Cola campaign 1969-1975

Related PowerShell Cmdlets

Set-AuthenticodeSignature - Place a signature in a PowerShell script or other file.
Get-ExecutionPolicy - Get the execution policy for the shell.
- Change the execution policy (user preference).
Get-Help about_signing.
Equivalent bash command: OpenSSL - Open Secure Sockets Layer.

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