Get information about volumes that BitLocker can protect.

      Get-BitLockerVolume [[-MountPoint] String[]]  [CommonParameters]

   -MountPoint String[]
       An array of drive letters. This cmdlet will get these BitLocker volumes.

Standard Aliases for Get-BitLockerVolume: none, but if you want to add a short alias like gbl, set it with set-alias

Get-BitLockerVolume gets information about volumes that BitLocker Drive Encryption can protect. You can specify a BitLocker volume by drive letter, followed by a colon (C:, E:). If you do not specify a drive letter, this cmdlet will get all volumes for the current computer.

You can use this cmdlet to get BitLocker volumes to use with other cmdlets, such as the Enable-BitLocker cmdlet or the Add-BitLockerKeyProtector cmdlet. You can also use this cmdlet to view the following information about a BitLocker volume:

An overview of BitLocker Drive Encryption.

This cmdlet was introduced in Windows PowerShell 5.0.


Get all BitLocker volumes:

PS C:\> Get-BitLockerVolume 
 VolumeType   Mount CapacityGB VolumeStatus           Encryption KeyProtector              AutoUnlock Protection
              Point                                   Percentage                           Enabled    Status
 ----------   ----- ---------- ------------           ---------- ------------              ---------- ----------
 Data         D:        931.51 EncryptionInProgress   1          {RecoveryPassword, Pas...            Off
 Data         E:        928.83 FullyDecrypted         0          {}                                   Off

Get a specific BitLocker volume:

PS C:\> Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint "E:"

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