Get system and operating system properties. PowerShell 5+

      Get-ComputerInfo [[-Property] String[]] [CommonParameters]

   Property String[]
      A string array of the computer properties to be displayed.

You can use Get-ComputerRestorePoint to select a restore point, and you can use the sequence number to Restore-Computer.


Get all computer properties:

PS C:> Get-ComputerInfo

Get all system and operating system properties from the computer:

PS C:> Get-ComputerInfo -Property "os*"

Get the operating system version and build:

PS C:> Get-ComputerInfo OsName,OsVersion,OsBuildNumber,OsHardwareAbstractionLayer,WindowsVersion
OsName                     :Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
OsVersion                  :10.0.18362
OsBuildNumber              :18362
OsHardwareAbstractionLayer :10.0.18362.752
WindowsVersion             :1903

Get just the operating system version:

PS C:> (Get-ComputerInfo).WindowsVersion

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