Get Desired State Config. resources from a computer.

      Get-DscResource [[-Name] String[]] [-Syntax] [CommonParameters]

   -Name String[]  An array of names of the Desired State Configuration resource to view.

   -Syntax         Indicates that the cmdlet returns the syntax view of the specified
                   Desired State Configuration resources.
                   The returned syntax shows how to use the resources in a PowerShell script.

Get-DscResource retrieves the Desired State Configuration resources present on the computer. It shows built-in and custom providers (created by the user), as well as composite resources (other configurations that are packaged as module or created at run time in the session).


Get all resources on the local computer:
PS C:\> Get-DscResource

Get the WindowsFeature resource:
PS C:\> Get-DscResource –Name WindowsFeature

Get the WindowsFeature resource, and show the syntax:
PS C:\> Get-DscResource –Name WindowsFeature -Syntax

Get the User resource, and then use the pipeline operator to return all the properties for the User resource.
PS C:\> Get-DscResource User | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Properties

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