Get the event subscribers in the current session.

      Get-EventSubscriber [-SubscriptionId] int
         [[-Force]] [CommonParameters]

      Get-EventSubscriber [[-SourceIdentifier] string]
         [[-Force]] [CommonParameters]

       Get all event subscribers, including subscribers for events that
       are hidden using Register-ObjectEvent -SupportEvent, Register-WmiEvent or Register-EngineEvent.

   -SourceIdentifier string
       Get only the event subscribers with the specified property value.
       The default is all event subscribers in the session.
       Wildcards are not permitted. This parameter is case-sensitive.

   -SubscriptionId int
       Get only the specified subscription identifier.
       The default is all event subscribers in the session.

Event logs often contain tens of thousands of event log entries, so consider using -Newest parameter to limit the number of entries returned.


Get the event subscriber for an elapsed event:

PS C:\> Get-EventSubscriber

Get the event subscriber of the Timer.Random event.

PS C:\> $subscriber = Get-EventSubcriber -sourceIdentifer Timer.Random

Display the Action property of the event subscriber object:

PS C:\> ($subscriber.action).gettype().fullname

“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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