Get host information (PowerShell Version and Region), Gets a reference to the current console host object.

      Get-Host [CommonParameters]


Details of the current host are also available via $ExecutionContext.Host

$ will return ConsoleHost for the default PS command line, or Windows PowerShell IDE Host when running the IDE.


Display PowerShell version and regional information:

PS C:\> get-host

Display PowerShell version only:

PS C:\> get-host | select version

Or to get the major and minor PowerShell version numbers use the $host automatic variable:

PS C:\> $Host.Version

Resize the PowerShell window to 50 pixels high by 80 pixels wide:

PS C:\> $h = get-host
$win = $h.ui.rawui.windowsize
$win.height = 50
$win.width = 80

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