Get and display the current location.

      Get-Location [-psDrive string[]] [-psProvider string[]]
         [-UseTransaction] [CommonParameters]

      Get-Location [-stack] [-stackName string[]]
         [-UseTransaction] [CommonParameters]

       Get the current location in the specified PowerShell drive. 

       For example, if you are in the Certificate: drive, find the current location in 
       the C: drive.

       Get the current location in the drive supported by the specified PowerShell provider. 
       For example, if you are in the C: drive, find the current location in
       the Registry via the PowerShell Registry provider.

       If the specified provider supports more than one drive, Get-Location will 
       returns the location on the most recently accessed drive.
       Display locations in the default path stack
       To add paths to the default stack, use Push-Location.

       Display locations in the specified path stacks.
       To create path stacks, use Push-Location.

       Include the command in the active transaction.

Standard Aliases for Get-Location: pwd, gl

Get-Location gets an object that represents the current directory within PowerShell, like the unix pwd (print working directory) command.

When you move between PowerShell drives, PowerShell will retain your location in each drive. Get-Location can be used to find your location in each drive.

Other Providers, registry etc

The current path does not necessarily point to a File System location. If you change location to the registry, then Get-Location will return the current registry key:
PS> cd hkcu:\
PS> Get-Location

To return the current File System location, regardless of the current provider:

PS> $ExecutionContext.SessionState.Path
PS> $ExecutionContext.SessionState.Path.CurrentFileSystemLocation

Location vs Current Directory

PowerShell Location is not the same as the process Current Directory. This means that non PowerShell utilities such as RoboCopy will default to the old style Current Directory, which is held as a static environment variable [environment]::CurrentDirectory

Read the System.Environment's static CurrentDirectory property:

Set the System.Environment's static CurrentDirectory property:
[environment]::CurrentDirectory = "C:\music\mp3"


Display the current working location:

PS C:\> get-location

Display the current directory for drive C: even when working in the registry:

PS C:\> set-location C:\Windows
PS C:\> set-location HKLM:\Software\Microsoft
PS C:\> get-location -psdrive c

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Related PowerShell Cmdlets

Pop-Location - Change the current working location to the last pushed onto the stack (popd).
Push-Location - Push a location to the stack (pushd).
Set-Location - Set the current working location (cd).
Get-PSDrive - Get drive information (DriveInfo).
Equivalent bash command: pwd - Print Working Directory.

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