Get IP network configuration. Gets network configuration, including usable interfaces, IP addresses, and DNS servers. Without any parameters, Get-NetIPCConfiguration gets IP configuration properties for all non-virtual connected interfaces on a computer.

      Get-NetIPConfiguration [[-InterfaceAlias] String] [-AllCompartments] [-CompartmentId Int32]
         [-Detailed] [-CimSession CimSession] [CommonParameters]

      Get-NetIPConfiguration -InterfaceIndex Int32 [-AllCompartments] [-CompartmentId Int32]
         [-Detailed] [-CimSession CimSession] [CommonParameters]

      Get-NetIPConfiguration [-All] [-AllCompartments] [-CompartmentId Int32]
         [-Detailed] [-CimSession CimSession] [CommonParameters]

       Retrieve the IP configuration properties for all of the interfaces on a computer,
       including virtual interfaces, loopback interfaces, and disconnected interfaces.

       Get the IP configuration properties for all of the compartments on a computer.

       Run the cmdlet in a remote session or on a remote computer. Enter a computer name or a session object, such
       as the output of a New-CimSession or Get-CimSession cmdlet. The default is the current session on the local

       Specifies an identifier for network compartment in the protocol stack.
       By default, the cmdlet gets Net IP configuration in the default compartment.
       If you specify a value for this parameter, the cmdlet gets any matching Net IP configuration in the
       compartment specified in this field.

       Retrieve additional interface and computer configuration information, including the computer name,
       link layer address, network profile, MTU length, and DHCP status.

       An alias of a network interface. The cmdlet gets an IP configuration that matches the alias.

       An index of a network interface. The cmdlet gets an IP configuration that matches the index.

Standard Aliases for Get-NetIPCConfiguration: none


Get the IP configuration:

PS C:\> Get-NetIPConfiguration

Get all IP configuration details

PS C:\> Get-NetIPConfiguration - all

Get the IP configuration information with a common parameter:

PS C:\> Get-NetIPConfiguration -Verbose

Get the IP configuration by interface index:

PS C:\> Get-NetIPConfiguration -InterfaceIndex 12

Get the IP configuration from pipeline input:

PS C:\> Get-NetIPConfiguration | Get-NetIPAddress

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