Get pfx certificate information.
Pfx = Personal Information Exchange, each .pfx file includes both a certificate and a private key.

      Get-PfxCertificate [-filePath] string[] [CommonParameters]

        The full path to the .pfx file of the secured file. (may be piped)

When the .pfx certificate file is not password-protected, the value of the Authentication parameter of Invoke-Command must be "CredSSP".


Get information about the ss64.pfx certificate:

PS C:\> get-pfxcertificate -filepath C:\windows\system32\ss64.pfx

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- Place a signature in a .ps1 script or other file.
Get-Help About_Signing.
Pvk2pfx.exe - SDK tool to copy public/private key information from .spc, .cer, and .pvk files to a .pfx file.
Equivalent bash commands: build-ca (Easy RSA).

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