Get the breakpoints that are set in the current session, for debugging a .ps1 script.

      Get-PSBreakpoint [[-Script] string[]] [CommonParameters]
      Get-PSBreakpoint -Command string[] [-Script string[]] [CommonParameters]
      Get-PSBreakpoint [-Id] Int32[] [CommonParameters]
      Get-PSBreakpoint [-Type] BreakpointType[] [-Script string[]] [CommonParameters]
      Get-PSBreakpoint -Variable string[] [-Script string[]]  [CommonParameters]

   -Command string[]
       Get command breakpoints that are set on the specified command names.
       Enter the command names, such as the name of a cmdlet or function.

   -Id Int32[]
       Get the breakpoints with the specified breakpoint IDs.
       Enter the IDs in a comma-separated list. 
       You can pipe breakpoint IDs to Get-PSBreakpoint.

   -Script string[]
        Get only the breakpoints in the specified scripts.
        Enter the  path (optional) and names of one or more script 
        files. The default location is the current directory.
    -Type BreakpointType[]
        Get only breakpoints of the specified types.
        Enter one or more types. Valid values are Line, Command, 
        and Variable. You can also pipe breakpoint types to Get-PSBreakpoint.
    -Variable string[]
        Get variable breakpoints that are set on the specified variable names. 
        Enter the variable names without dollar signs.

Standard Aliases for Get-PSBreakpoint: gbp

A breakpoint is a point in a command or script where execution stops temporarily so that you can examine the instructions.


Get all breakpoints set on all scripts and functions in the current session:

PS C:\> Get-PSBreakpoint

Get the breakpoint with breakpoint ID 2:

PS C:\> Get-PSBreakpoint -Id 2

Get a breakpoint on the ss64 function in demo.ps1 by piping a breakpoint ID:

PS C:\> $brk = Set-PSBreakpoint -script demo.ps1 -function ss64
PS C:\> $brk.Id | Get-PSBreakpoint

Get all breakpoints for the scripts Demo1 and Demo2.ps1:

PS C:\> Get-PSBreakpoint -script Demo1.ps1, Demo2.ps1

Get all breakpoints that are set on Read-Host or Write-Host commands in the Demo1.ps1 file:

PS C:\> Get-PSBreakpoint -command Read-Host, Write-Host -script Demo1.ps1

Get all the Command breakpoints in Demo1.ps1:

PS C:\> Get-PSBreakpoint -type Command -script Demo1.ps1

Get breakpoints that are set on the $var1 and $var2 variables in the current session.:

PS C:\> Get-PSBreakpoint -variable var1, var2

Get all line and variable breakpoints in Demo1.ps1:

PS C:\> Get-PSBreakpoint -type line, variable -script Demo1.ps1

“Better bend than break” ~ Scottish Proverb

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