Get drive information (gdr)

      Get-PSDrive { [[-name] string[]] | [-literalName] string[]  }
[-Force] [-pSProvider string[]] [-scope string] [-UseTransaction] [CommonParameters] Key -name string Get only the specified drives. Type the drive name or letter without a colon (:), separate multiple names with commas. -literalName string The Drive name which will be used exactly as typed. No characters are interpreted as wildcards. If the name includes escape characters, enclose it in single quotation marks. -PSProvider Get only the drives supported by the specified PowerShell provider. Type the name of a provider, such as: FileSystem, Registry, or Certificate. -scope The scope within which to search for the drive. Valid values are "Global", "Local", or "Script", or a number relative to the current scope (0 through the number of scopes, where 0 is the current scope and 1 is its parent). "Local" is the default. For more information, see about_Scopes. -UseTransaction Include the command in the active transaction.

Standard Aliases for Get-PSDrive: gdr

Get-PSDrive gets the PowerShell drives in the current session. You can get a particular drive or all drives in the console.

Get-PSDrive gets the following drives:

- Windows logical drives on the computer, including drives mapped to network shares.
- Drives exposed by PowerShell providers (such as the Certificate:, Function:, and Alias: drives) and the HKLM: and HKCU: Registry drives.
- Drives created with New-PSDrive.

Get-PSDrive does not get Windows mapped drives that are added or created after the PowerShell console is opened.


Display information about all currently visible drives:

PS C:\> get-psdrive

Display the description of a PowerShell drive on your system:

PS C:\> (get-psdrive DriveName).description

Display information for drives with names that begin with HK (registry: HKLM, HKCU etc):

PS C:\> get-psdrive HK*

Display information for FileSystem drives:

PS C:\> get-psdrive -psprovider filesystem

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