Get the session configurations that have been registered on the local computer.
This is an advanced cmdlet for system administrators to manage custom session configurations for their users.

      Get-PSSessionConfiguration [[-Name] string[]] [CommonParameters]

       Get only the session configurations with the specified name or pattern.
       Enter one or more session configuration names.
       Wildcards are permitted.


Get the session configurations on the computer:

PS C:> get-pssessionconfiguration

Get only the session configurations with names that begin with "Microsoft":

PS C:> get-pssessionconfiguration -name Microsoft*

Get the resource URI of a session configuration:

PS C:> (get-PSSessionConfiguration -name CustomShell).resourceURI

Display all the session configuration including the maximum permitted **IdleTimeout** value for Server64:

PS C:> Invoke-Command -ComputerName Server64 {Get-PSSessionConfiguration Microsoft.PowerShell} | Format-List -Property *

For more examples, see: get-help Get-PSSessionConfiguration -detailed

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Enable-PSSessionConfiguration - Enable PS session configuration.
Register-PSSessionConfiguration - Create and register a new PS session configuration.

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