Get-StartApps (PowerShell 5.0+)

Get the names and AppIDs of apps installed on the Start Menu.

      Get-StartApps [[-Name] Object] [CommonParameters]

   -Name [Object]    The name of an app.
                     Wildcard accepted.
                     If you do not specify this, all start menu apps will be retrieved.

Get-StartApps can be piped into measure-object, to count the number of shortcuts (which must be less than 512).


Get all Start Menu Apps:

PS C:\> Get-StartApps

Count the number of shortcuts:

PS C:\> Get-StartApps | measure
Count    : 125
Average  :
Sum      :
Maximum  :
Minimum  :
Property :

“You've got a whole screen as a start button” ~ Steve Ballmer asked by AP whether there was any chance of bringing back the Windows 8 Start Menu.

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