Get the current (active) transaction.

      Get-Transaction [CommonParameters]

Get-Transaction gets an object that represents the current transaction in the session.

This cmdlet never returns more than one object, because only one transaction is active at a time. If one or more independent transactions are started (using Start-Transaction -Independent), the most recently started transaction is active, and that will be returned by Get-Transaction.

When all active transactions have either been rolled back or committed, Get-Transaction shows the transaction that was most recently active in the session.


Show the properties and methods of the transaction object:

PS C:\> get-transaction | get-member

Show the property values of a transaction object for a transaction that has been committed:

PS C:\> cd hklm:\software
HKLM:\SOFTWARE> Start-Transaction
HKLM:\SOFTWARE> New-Item SS64 -UseTransaction
HKLM:\SOFTWARE> Complete-Transaction
HKLM:\SOFTWARE> Get-Transaction

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