Return the unique items from a sorted list.

      Get-Unique [-inputObject psobject] [-asString] [CommonParameters]
      Get-Unique [-inputObject psobject] [-onType] [CommonParameters]

       A command/expression/variable that returns the object(s)
      (will treat as a single collection)
       Treat the data as a string, not an object.
       Use this parameter to find the unique values of object properties
       e.g. file names.
       For a collection of objects of the same type, Get-Unique will
       returns just one (the first). 
       Return only one object of each type.

Standard Aliases for Get-Unique: gu


Sort an array of integers, and display the unique values:

PS C:\> 2,4,6,8,2,64,4,2,99,3 | sort-object | Get-Unique

List every folder on the C: drive that contains one or more .xls files:

PS C:\> gci C:\ -include *.xls -recurse |foreach {$_.directoryName} | get-unique

Get the names of processes running on the computer with duplicates eliminated:

PS C:\> get-process | sort-object | select processname | get-unique -asstring

Find the number of unique words in a text file:

PS C:\> $a = $(foreach ($line in get-content C:\docs\File1.txt) {$line.tolower().split(" ")}) | sort | get-unique
PS C:\> $a.count

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