Combine a path and one or more child-paths into a single path.

      Join-Path [-path] string[] [-childPath] string [-resolve]
          [-credential PSCredential] [-UseTransaction] [CommonParameters]

   -Path string[]
       The main path (or paths) to which the child-path is appended.
       Wildcards are permitted. {may be piped}

   -childPath string
       The elements to append to the value of Path.
       Wildcards are permitted. {may be piped}

       Display the items that are referenced by the joined path.

   -credential PSCredential
       Use a credential to validate access to the file. Credential represents
       a user-name, such as "User01" or "Domain01\User01", or a PSCredential
       object, such as the one retrieved by using the Get-Credential cmdlet.
       If you type a user name, you will be prompted for a password.
       This parameter is not supported by any PowerShell core cmdlets or providers.

       Include the command in the active transaction.

       -Verbose, -Debug, -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, -WarningAction, -WarningVariable,
       -OutBuffer -OutVariable.

The appropriate path delimiters will be supplied by the provider.
In PowerShell 6.0 and above, join-path can combine an indefinite number of child paths.


Join two paths:

PS C:\> join-path -path c:\win* -childpath system*

The above will resolve to: C:\windows\System

Join 2 paths and display the files and folders, -resolve will display the full pathname:

PS C:\> join-path -path c:\win* system* -resolve

Display the registry keys in the HKLM\System hive that include "ControlSet":

PS C:\> set-location HKLM:
PS HKLM:\> join-path System *ControlSet* -resolve

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