Combine a path and one or more child-paths into a single path.

      Join-Path [-path] string[] [-childPath] string [-resolve]
          [-credential PSCredential] [-UseTransaction] [CommonParameters]

   -Path string[]
       The main path (or paths) to which the child-path is appended.
       Wildcards are permitted. {may be piped}

   -childPath string
       The elements to append to the value of Path.
       Wildcards are permitted. {may be piped}

       Display the items that are referenced by the joined path.

   -credential PSCredential
       Use a credential to validate access to the file. Credential represents
       a user-name, such as "User01" or "Domain01\User01", or a PSCredential
       object, such as the one retrieved by using the Get-Credential cmdlet.
       If you type a user name, you will be prompted for a password.
       This parameter is not supported by any PowerShell core cmdlets or providers.

       Include the command in the active transaction.

The appropriate path delimiters will be supplied by the provider.
In PowerShell 6.0 and above, join-path can combine an indefinite number of child paths.

.NET equivalent to Join-Path:
PS C:\> [System.IO.Path]::Combine('path', 'childPath')


Join two paths:

PS C:\> join-path -path c:\win* -childpath system*

The above will resolve to: C:\windows\System

Join 2 paths and display the files and folders, -resolve will display the full pathname:

PS C:\> join-path -path c:\win* system* -resolve

Display the registry keys in the HKLM\System hive that include "ControlSet":

PS C:\> set-location HKLM:
PS HKLM:\> join-path System *ControlSet* -resolve

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