Set the current working location from the stack. (popd)
The new location will either be the most recent entry from the stack (created with Push-Location) or the default stack.

      Pop-Location [-stackName string] [-passThru]
        [-UseTransaction] [CommonParameters]

   -stackName string
       An alternate stack. This stack now becomes the current stack.

       Pass the object created through the pipeline. 
       By default, Pop-Location does not pass any objects through the pipeline.

       Include the command in the active transaction.

Standard Aliases for Pop-Location: popd

Push-location (pushd) can be used to store file locations, certificate store locations or registry locations. Pop-Location (popd) can be used repeatedly to move back though all the locations on the stack.


Change the current working location to the last one pushed onto the stack:

PS C:\> pop-location

Change location to the most recent item on the SS64 stack:

PS C:\> pop-location -stackname SS64

#Get back, get back. Get back to where you once belonged. Get back loretta# ~ The Beatles

Related PowerShell Cmdlets

Push-Location - Push a location to the stack.
Equivalent bash command: popd - Remove the top entry from the directory stack.

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