Delete breakpoints from the current console.

      Remove-PSBreakpoint [-Id] Int32[]
         [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [CommonParameters]

      Remove-PSBreakpoint [-Breakpoint] Breakpoint[]
         [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [CommonParameters]

   -Breakpoint Breakpoint[]
       The breakpoints to delete.
       Enter a variable that contains breakpoint objects or a command that
       gets breakpoint objects, such as a Get-PSBreakpoint command.
       (May be piped)

-Id Int32[] Delete breakpoints with the specified breakpoint IDs. -Confirm Prompt for confirmation before executing the command. -WhatIf Describes what would happen if you executed the command without actually executing the command.

Standard Aliases for Remove-PSBreakpoint: rbp

A breakpoint is a point in a command or script where execution stops temporarily so that you can examine the instructions.


Delete all of the breakpoints in the current console:

PS C:> Get-PSBreakpoint | Remove-PSBreakpoint

Use the Set-PSBreakpoint cmdlet to create a breakpoint on the SS64 variable in the demo.ps1 script. Then, save the breakpoint object in the $brk variable and use this to delete the new breakpoint:

PS C:> $brk = Set-PSBreakpoint -script demo.ps1 -variable SS64
PS C:> $brk | remove-psbreakpoint

Get a breakpoint on the ss64 function in demo.ps1 by piping a breakpoint ID:

PS C:> $brk = Set-PSBreakpoint -script demo.ps1 -function ss64
PS C:> $brk.Id | get-PSBreakpoint

Delete the breakpoint with breakpoint ID 5:

PS C:> Remove-PSBreakpoint -id 5

A function to delete all of the breakpoints in the current console. To save the function permanently, add it to your PowerShell profile:

PS C:> function del-psb { Get-PSBreakpoint | Remove-PSBreakpoint }

“Better bend than break” ~ Scottish Proverb

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