Change the name of an object (user account/group) in Active Directory.

      Rename-QADObject [[-Identity] IdentityParameter] -NewName String 
             [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] Advanced_Options


   -identity    The Distinguished Name (DN), Canonical Name, GUID or, where applicable,
                the Domain\Name, UPN or SID of the user object you wish to disable. 

   -WhatIf      Describe what would happen if you executed the command,
                without actually executing the command.

   -Confirm     Prompt for confirmation before executing the command.

                [-UseGlobalCatalog] [-Proxy] [-Service String]
                [-ConnectionAccount String] [-ConnectionPassword SecureString]
                [-Credential PSCredential] [-Connection ArsConnection]

By default Rename-QADObject will connect to any available domain controller with the credentials of the locally logged on user, to connect to a specific domain controller using a specific account, either use the advanced options (-Proxy/-Service/-ConnectionAccount) or use the Connect-QADService cmdlet to make the connection.


Rename the user account JaneC in domain ss64Dom

PS C:> rename-QADObject 'ss64Dom\JaneC' -NewName 'JaneS'

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Disable-QADUser - Disable a user account
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