Set the system time zone to a specific time zone.

      Set-TimeZone [-Confirm] -Id String [-PassThru] [-WhatIf] [CommonParameters]

      Set-TimeZone [-InputObject] TimeZoneInfo [-Confirm] [-PassThru] [-WhatIf] [CommonParameters]

      Set-TimeZone [-Name] String [-Confirm] [-PassThru] [-WhatIf] [CommonParameters]


   -Id          The ID of the time zone to set.

   -InputObject A TimeZoneInfo object to use as input.

   -Name        The name of a time zone to set.

   -Confirm     Prompt for confirmation before running the cmdlet.

   -PassThru    Return an object representing the item with which you are working.
                By default, this cmdlet does not generate any output.

   -WhatIf      Show what would happen if the cmdlet was run. The cmdlet is not run.

Standard Aliases for Set-TimeZone: stz


Set the time zone on the computer:

PS C:\> Set-TimeZone -Name "Pacific Standard Time"

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Related PowerShell Cmdlets

Get-TimeZone - Get the current time zone or a list of available time zones.
CMD: TZUTIL- Time Zone Utility.
DISM - Set the default time zone in an offline image:
DISM /Image:"C:\mount\windows" /Set-TimeZone:"W. Europe Standard Time"
A full, sortable list of time zones.

Copyright © 1999-2024
Some rights reserved


Copyright © 1999-2024
Some rights reserved