Return part of a longer string.

      .Substring( StartIndex [, length] )

   StartIndex  Characters to skip from the start of the string.
               Use 0 to start from the beginning of the string.
               Cannot be less than zero.

   length      The number of characters to return.
Cannot be less than zero or longer than the string. If omitted all remaining characters will be returned.


Skip the first 2 characters and then return the next 3 characters from the string "abcdef":

PS C:\> "abcdef".substring(2,3)

Return the first 5 characters from a string (LEFT):

PS C:\> $var = 'Hello World'
PS C:\> $result = $var.substring(0, 5)
PS C:\> $result

Return the last 5 characters from a string (RIGHT):

PS C:\> $var = 'Hello World'
PS C:\> $length = $var.length
PS C:\> $result = $var.substring($length -5)
PS C:\> $result

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