How-to: Retrieve UK Bank Holidays using PowerShell

A PowerShell function to return UK Bank Holidays.

function Get-BankHolidaysUK {
   param (
      $Year = (Get-Date).Year,

      [ValidateSet("england-and-wales", "scotland", "northern-ireland")]
      $country = 'scotland'

   $govParams = @{
      uri = ""
      UseBasicParsing = $True
   $data = $(invoke-webrequest @govParams).content
   $json = ConvertFrom-Json $data| Select-Object -expandproperty $country  
   $bankhols = Select-Object -inputObject $json -expandproperty events
   $bankhols | Select-Object -property date,title | where {
      ($,4) -eq $Year



 Get-BankHolidaysUK -Year '2024' -country "england-and-wales"
 date       title
 ----       -----
 2024-01-01 New Year’s Day
 2024-03-29 Good Friday
 2024-04-01 Easter Monday
 2024-05-06 Early May bank holiday
 2024-05-27 Spring bank holiday
 2024-08-26 Summer bank holiday
 2024-12-25 Christmas Day
 2024-12-26 Boxing Day

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