How-to: Measure the network bandwidth I/O [Get-Bandwidth.ps1]

The script below can be used to measure the average IO as a percentage of available bandwidth from the network card(s) of a machine. Similar to the Network information in Task Manager. Where more than one Network interface is fitted, the result will be an average. The script includes a small delay (Start-Sleep) because you probably don’t want to hammer a production machine with too many WMI queries.

For instructions of how to download and run this script see: Run a PowerShell script.

# Measure the Network interface IO over a period of half a minute (0.5)

$startTime = get-date
$endTime = $startTime.addMinutes(0.5)
$timeSpan = new-timespan $startTime $endTime

$count = 0
$totalBandwidth = 0

while ($timeSpan -gt 0) {
   # Get an object for the network interfaces, excluding any that are currently disabled.
   $colInterfaces = Get-CimInstance -class Win32_PerfFormattedData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface |select BytesTotalPersec, CurrentBandwidth,PacketsPersec|where {$_.PacketsPersec -gt 0}

   foreach ($interface in $colInterfaces) {
      $bitsPerSec = $interface.BytesTotalPersec * 8
      $totalBits = $interface.CurrentBandwidth

      # Exclude Nulls (any WMI failures)
      if ($totalBits -gt 0) {
         $result = (( $bitsPerSec / $totalBits) * 100)
         Write-Host "Bandwidth utilized:`t $result %"
         $totalBandwidth = $totalBandwidth + $result
   Start-Sleep -milliseconds 100

   # recalculate the remaining time
   $timeSpan = new-timespan $(Get-Date) $endTime

"Measurements:`t`t $count"

$averageBandwidth = $totalBandwidth / $count
$value = "{0:N2}" -f $averageBandwidth
Write-Host "Average Bandwidth utilized:`t $value %"

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