How-to: Retrieve an accurate 'Last Logon time'

In Active Directory there are two properties used to store the last logon time:

lastLogonTimeStamp this is only updated sporadically so is accurate to ~ 14 days, replicated to all DNS servers. This is good for finding dormant accounts that havent been used in months.

lastLogon this is updated at every logon, but is Not replicated, so will only be accurate if you check the response from every DNS server. This is good for finding the very latest logon.

Using lastLogonTimeStamp to find a users last logon:

$user = Get-ADUser "user64" -Server "dnsServer1" -Properties lastLogonTimeStamp 
$user | select-object @{Name="Last Logon"; Expression={[DateTime]::FromFileTime($_.lastLogonTimestamp)}}

Using lastLogonTimeStamp to find a computer accounts last logon:

$computer = Get-ADComputer "computer64" -Properties LastLogonTimeStamp
$computer | select-object @{Name="Last Logon"; Expression={[DateTime]::FromFileTime($_.lastLogonTimestamp)}}

A function that uses lastLogon to find when an account last logged in:

function Get-ADUserLastLogon([string]$userName) 
   $dcs = Get-ADDomainController -Filter {Name -like "*"}
   foreach($dc in $dcs) { 
     $hostname = $dc.HostName
     $user = Get-ADUser $userName -Server $hostname -Properties lastLogon
     $lngexpires = $user.lastLogon
     if (-not ($lngexpires)) {$lngexpires = 0 }
     If (($lngexpires -eq 0) -or ($lngexpires -gt [DateTime]::MaxValue.Ticks)) {
       $LastLogon = "<Never>"
     Else {
       $Date = [DateTime]$lngexpires
       $LastLogon = $Date.AddYears(1600).ToLocalTime()
  Write-Host $username "last logged on at:" $LastLogon


Get-ADUserLastLogon "User64"

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