Tab Completion in PowerShell

Command completion when working at the PowerShell prompt.
The [TAB] key can be used to automatically complete cmdlets, Filenames, Variable names and Parameters:

Examples -


PS C:\> get-c [tab] [tab] [tab]...


PS C:\> dir "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ [tab] [tab] [tab]...
PS C:\> Get-Content -path C:\ [tab] [tab] [tab]...

Note this will not complete any folder names which have the 'hidden' attribute set


PS C:\> $t [tab] => $true

PS C:\> $m [tab] [tab] [tab]...


PS C:\> gci -f [tab] [tab] [tab]...

PS C:\> Get-Content -Cr [tab]...

Even more flexible and complex tab completions can be added by installing the PowerTab function, this is particularly handy for browsing .NET namesspaces.

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