Test if a computer is setup to receive remote commands via the WinRM service.

      Test-WSMan [[-ComputerName] string] [-Authentication Authentication]
         [-Credential PSCredential] [CommonParameters]

   -Authentication Authentication
      The authentication mechanism to be used at the server. Possible values are:
        Basic      Send username and password in clear text.
        Default    Use the authentication method implemented by WS-Management protocol. This is the default.
        Digest     Challenge-response scheme using a server-specified data string for the challenge.
        Kerberos   Authenticate by using Kerberos certificates.
        Negotiate  Challenge-response that negotiates an authentication scheme.
                    e.g. Kerberos protocol or NTLM.
        CredSSP    Use Credential Security Service Provider (CredSSP) authentication, delegate
                   credentials to a remote computer. This increases the security risk, if the remote 
                   computer is compromised, the credentials could be used to control the network session.

   -ComputerName string
      The computer against which you want to run the management operation.
      A fully qualified domain name, NetBIOS name, or an IP address.
      Use the local computer name, localhost, or a dot (.) to specify the local computer.
      The local computer is the default. When the remote computer is in a different domain,
      use a fully qualified domain name. You can pipe a value for ComputerName.

   -Credential PSCredential
      A user account that has permission to perform this action. default=current user.
      e.g. "User01", "Domain01\User01", or "User@Domain.com". Or a PSCredential object, such as 
      returned by the Get-Credential cmdlet. When you type a user name, you will be prompted for a password.

If the tested computer is running the WinRM service, Test-WSMan will display the WS-Management identity schema, the protocol version, the product vendor, and the product version of the tested service.


Determine whether the WinRM service is running on the local computer:

PS C:> test-wsman

Determine whether the WinRM service is running on server64 :

PS C:> test-wsman -computername server64

Test to see if the WS-Management (WinRM) service is running on the local computer using the authentication parameter, this allows Test-WSMan to return the Operating System version:

PS C:> test-wsman -authentication default

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