Delete registered session configurations from the computer.
This is an advanced cmdlet for system administrators to manage custom session configurations for their users.

      Unregister-PSSessionConfiguration [-Name] string 
         [-Force] [-NoServiceRestart]
            [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [CommonParameters]

       The names of session configurations to delete.
       Enter one or more configuration names. Wildcards are permitted.
       This parameter is required.

       Suppress all user prompts, and restarts the WinRM service without prompting.
       Restarting the service makes the configuration change effective.
       To prevent a restart and suppress the restart prompt, use -NoServiceRestart

       Do not restart the WinRM service, and suppress the default restart prompt.
       Until WinRM is restarted, users can still use the unregistered session configuration,
       even though Get-PSSessionConfiguration does not find it.
       To restart the WinRM service manually, use Restart-Service.

       Prompt for confirmation before executing the command.

       Describe what would happen if you executed the command without actually
       executing the command.

If you accidentally delete the default Microsoft.PowerShell or Microsoft.PowerShell32 session configurations, use Enable-PSRemoting to restore them.


Delete the MaintenanceShell session configuration from the computer, suppress user messages and restart the WinRM service:

PS C:> Unregister-PSSessionConfiguration -name MaintenanceShell -force

Create a session on the local computer that uses the Maintenance Shell configuration, this will fail if the MaintenanceShell configuration has been deleted:

PS C:> New-PSSession -configurationName MaintenanceShell

Delete all session configurations on the computer:

PS C:> Unregister-PSSessionConfiguration -name *

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