Write to the information stream data.

      Write-Information [-MessageData] Object [[-Tags] String[]] [CommonParameters]

   -MessageData Object
       An informational message to display to users as they run a script or command.
       For best results, enclose the message in quotes: "Test complete."
   -Tags String[]
       A simple string that can be used to sort and filter messages that have been added to the information 
       stream with Write-Information. This parameter works similarly to the -Tags parameter in New-ModuleManifest.

Windows PowerShell 5.0 introduces a new, structured information stream (number 6 in Windows PowerShell streams) that you can use to transmit structured data between a script and its callers (or hosting environment).

Write-Information lets you add an informational message to the stream, and specify how Windows PowerShell handles information stream data for a command.

The $InformationPreference preference variable value determines whether the message you provide to Write-Information is displayed at the expected point in a script's operation. Because the default value of this variable is SilentlyContinue, by default, informational messages are not shown.

If you don't want to change the value of $InformationPreference, you can override its value by adding the -InformationAction common parameter to your command.

Starting in PowerShell 5.0, Write-Host is a wrapper for Write-Information . You can now use Write-Host to emit output to the information stream, but the $InformationPreference preference variable and InformationAction common parameter do not affect Write-Host messages.

Information streams also work for PowerShell.Streams, jobs, scheduled jobs, and workflows.

Write-Information is also a supported workflow activity.


By default Write-Information output is not displayed because the $InformationPreference variable is set to its default, SilentlyContinue:

PS C:\> Write-Information -MessageData "This will not display"

Setting -InformationAction will over-ride the default:

PS C:\> Write-Information -MessageData "This will display" -InformationAction Continue

Adding -tags means that if you later search the information stream for messages tagged 'ss64', the message specified here would be among the results:

PS C:\> Write-Information -MessageData "Insert floppy disc" -Tags "ss64" -InformationAction Continue

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