Write an object to the pipeline. If the command is the last command in the pipeline, the objects are displayed in the console.

      Write-Output [-inputObject] Object[] [CommonParameters]

   -inputObject Object
       The object(s) to send along the pipeline.
       A variable, command or expression that gets the objects.

Standard Aliases for Write-Output: echo, write

Write-Output writes objects to the success pipeline. To have output appear only on screen use write-host or Write-Warning instead.

If an unquoted string of characters is passed to write-output, they will be implicitly treated as a string,
so write-output hello is equivalent to:
write-output "hello"
and write-output hello world is equivalent to:
write-output "hello" "world"
Note this is not the same as write-output "hello world"

Write-Output may be used to display strings and other objects on the console. However, because the default behavior is to display the objects at the end of a pipeline, it is generally not necessary to use Write-Output. For example, get-process | write-output is equivalent to get-process

Set the console buffer size to be extra wide:

[Console]::BufferWidth = 4096

write and echo are aliases for write-output


Output a message:

PS C:\> Write-output "Hello World 123"

Output a message & variable value:

PS C:\> Write-Information $("message" + $variable)

Write a string to the pipeline, which by default will appear on the screen:

PS C:\> $myvar="The quick brown fox"
PS C:\> write-output $myvar

Running a function will display the text:

PS C:\> Function Test-function { Write-output "here is some text" }
PS C:\> Test-function
here is some text

But if we run the function, assigning the output to a variable, nothing displays on the terminal:

$result = Test-function

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