How-to: Trace Flags in SQL Server

# Flag  
260 Print versioning information about extended stored procedure DLLs. global or session
1204 Returns the resources and types of locks participating in a deadlock and also the current command affected. global
1211 Disable all lock escalation.
This trace flag may reduce performance.
Takes precedence over flag 1224
global or session
1222 Return the resources,command and lock types that are participating in a deadlock (XML). global
1224 Disable lock escalation based on the number of locks.
Helps avoid "out-of-locks" errors when many locks are being used.
4616 Makes server-level metadata visible to application roles.
i.e Revert to pre- SQL Server 2005 behavior.
2528 Disable parallel checking of objects by DBCC CHECK commands.
Parallel DBCC should typically be left enabled.
global or session
3205 Disable hardware compression for tape drivers. global or session
3625 Limit the amount of information returned in error messages. global
7806 Enable a dedicated administrator connection (DAC) on SQL Server Express. global

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