How-to: Instances

A PowerShell script to enumerate the SQL instances across multiple servers.

# Read in a list of Server Names from a file. 
# For each server, query the services to find the SQL Server instance names.
# List all the SQL instances found to a log file.


$servers = get-content "C:\batch\servers.txt"
$logfile = "C:\batch\sql-instances.txt"
$logerrs = "C:\batch\sql-failures.txt"

Echo "Server, Instance" >> $logfile

ForEach ($server in $servers) { 
   $instances = Get-CIMinstance -ComputerName $server win32_service | where {$ -like "MSSQL*"}

   if (!$?) {
      Echo "$server - No SQL instance found" >> $logerrs
      Echo "$server - No SQL instance found"
   Else {
      ForEach ($instance in $instances) {
         if (($ -eq "MSSQLSERVER") -or ($ -like "MSSQL$*")) {
            Echo "$server, $($" >> $logfile
            Echo "$server, $($"

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