Retrieve an Automation object (assumes there is a current instance of the object)

      Set objObject = Wscript.GetObject(strPathname [,strProgID] ], [strPrefix])


   strPathname : The pathname of the file containing the object to retrieve. 

   strProgID   : The program identifier (ProgID) of the object. 

   strPrefix   : A prefix for subroutine names (optional)
                 e.g. if strPrefix is "MYOBJ_" and the object fires an event
                 named "OnBegin," WSH calls the subroutine "MYOBJ_OnBegin" 

   objObject is an Automation object. 

GetObject is a wscript method.

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.CreateObject - Create a WSH automation object.
.ConnectObject - Connect to a COM object.
.DisconnectObject - Disconnect from a COM object.

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