Display text in a pop-up message box.

      intButton = objShell.Popup(strText,[nSecondsToWait],[strTitle],[nType]) 


   objShell       : A WScript.Shell object

   strText        : String value containing the text you want to appear
                    in the pop-up message box. 

   nSecondsToWait : Maximum length of time to display the pop-up message
                    box (in seconds, Optional, default=infinite)

   strTitle       : Title text string, Optional. 

   nType          : Type of buttons and icons (Numeric, Optional)
                    These determine how the message box is used. 

   IntButton      : Number of the button (Integer value) 
                    This is the value returned when the user OK's the message box. 

The meaning of nType is determined by combining values from the 2 tables below:

Button Types

  Value Description 
    0   OK button. 
    1   OK and Cancel buttons. 
    2   Abort, Retry, and Ignore buttons. 
    3   Yes, No, and Cancel buttons. 
    4   Yes and No buttons. 
    5   Retry and Cancel buttons. 
Icon Types
   Value Description 
    16  "Stop Mark" icon. 
    32  "Question Mark" icon. 
    48  "Exclamation Mark" icon. 
    64  "Information Mark" icon. 

Possible values for IntButton the return value:

Value Description 
   1  OK button 
   2  Cancel button 
   3  Abort button 
   4  Retry button 
   5  Ignore button 
   6  Yes button 
   7  No button


If the user does not click a button before 2 Seconds intButton is set to -1:

Set objShell = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
objShell.Popup "Click me Quick!",2, "My Popup Dialogue box"

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