Echo text to the screen (Stdout)

      WScript.StdOut.Write("text string to display")


Unlike the Wscript.Echo command, Stdout.Write allows you to write multiple separate items to the same line, use .WriteBlankLines(n) to add newlines.


  Set objStdOut = WScript.StdOut
objStdOut.Write "User: "
objStdOut.Write "Joe Smith" objStdOut.WriteBlankLines(1) objStdOut.Write "Procurement Dept"

Play the default beep:

wscript.stdout.write Chr(07)

The default beep is now played through the speakers/audio system, however if you select the 'no sounds' scheme in Contol Panel ➞ Sounds ➞ Change system sounds, then the default beep will not play.

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